Akira Audio is a full circle private recording, mixing and production environment owned and operated by musician/engineer/producer Gabe VanBenschoten. Located in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, Akira Audio offers a comfortable, familiar recording experience without sacrificing the professional quality of a large-scale studio. The studio is equipped with industry standard digital recording equipment, as well as high-end vintage and modern microphones. Designed and built for maximum control and precision, both the control room and live room have been professionally treated to produce warm natural recordings. We have a diverse collection guitars, amps and effects pedals to help achieve the perfect sound for any song. There is also professional-level Gretsch maple drum kit here for use as well.

The son of a professional jazz bass player, Gabe began his music career at an early age, learning bass and guitar, and writing and producing music as young as 13. Gabe attended Musician’s Institute studying studio musicianship, but quickly discovered his passion for producing and recording. He shifted his focus and studied recording arts under Jose Chilitos Valenzuela at Audiograph international. Following his Avid certification, he began working under his longtime mentor, Ken Andrews. Gabe has worked with Ken on multiple records including M83’s You and the Night , Failure's Tree of Stars Live album, The Pierce's Creation, and many others. Gabe’s knowledge also excels beyond the mixing console with an comprehensive knowledge of gear and its live sound application from his work as a guitar tech/A2 for acts such as Local Natives, Autolux, Failure and The Acid. Gabe’s personal musical, engineering and mixing achievements speak for themselves, delivering a caliber of production and songwriting that is impactful, massive, unique and sonically moving.